what to expect & how to prepare for your family photo session....

Lets face it….. Most of us are not too keen on having our photos taken. If your like me we constantly doubt ourselves and we let this get in the way of booking these sessions. I’m with you, I really am! I always have  people come to me saying they don’t like their photos taken, and guess what? I don’t either 🙂 when approached in the right way its a piece of cake, and I guarantee at the end of the session you will be surprised just how much fun you had! My sessions are not posed, they are very relaxed. The reason I love these sessions so much is that we just go out for a walk together and just have some fun. Its that simple…… 

So why is this crazy bloke writing this stuff? I have written this blog post as a guide to what to expect and how to prepare for your photoshoot, I hope it will answer any doubts you may have and may even answer questions you hadn’t even thought of yourself? 

1.What to wear.

This is all dependent on how you visualise your final images and your family in them. I don’t want you to feel you have to go out and buy new clothes for the whole family, Of course if you want to then great but please don’t feel that you have to. its more important to be relaxed and to feel like you! remember to dress for the weather, your photos wont look great if your shaking and have turned a funny shade of blue 🙂  I do normally advise you try to stay away from clothing with logos and slogans if possible? The reason for this is it will ensure your images are timeless. We all know the feeling when we look back at our old photos and we are wearing a top that was once the latest fashion but is now a little cringe worthy 😉 I try to encourage some accessories if possible? Hats & scarves? sunglasses? etc depending on the weather of course.

2 Just have fun & be you.

The most important of all is to just have fun! relax, have fun with your family. swing them around, Throw them in the air, let the kids cuddle you. cuddle each other too 🙂 Your photos will be amazing if you can do this. Let your insecurities go, we all have them. Even the most famous models in the world will have insecurities about themselves. The thing is nobody else sees it! only you! 🙂

3. Bring supplies.

Bring a drink! bring a picnic if you want to? if going to the beach take some lip balm if you get sore lips? the key is to just stop and think about what you may need with you? if you have little ones maybe bring some wet wipes? I am a incredibly good at editing out bogies but when its a slimy one it can test my skills 😉

4. Plan the day.

I always try to book your session at the most convenient time of the day for your family. Its no good if we book it for when the little ones are tired and grumpy, ensure they have had a sleep if need be? also think about the best time of day for the light, early morning or late afternoon is best as I try to avoid the midday sun.

5. How to choose a location.

This part is all up to you! I can suggest some places if you cant think of anywhere you would like to go? Have a think what your family enjoy doing? if its a walk on the beach?  or even a play at the park? we will meet there and have some fun.

And Mum…. don’t worry if they might not smile, or if they might throw a tantrum. trust me I have seen it all 😉

Thank for taking the time to read this, I hope it has helped and if you were thinking of booking and were not quite sure, hopefully it has reassured you about how it all works. I am always available and happy  to answer any questions.